It is important to me to honor and appreciate the infinite beauty and complexity of nature and all creatures that inhabit the Earth. 



See something you like?

Contact me at to purchase a collage. Commissions are welcome! I love working with collage fans to create a work of art made just for you. Email me and let me know what focus or subject you’d like the collage to convey. It can be a scene, a landscape, a place, a plant, animal, creature, just about anything that delights you.

‘The art world continues to be painting-centric and what that means is that all other media are related back to painting. The world of collage is rich, layered, and thick with complexity. By remixing history and culture, collage artists forge new thinking. To understand collage is to reshape one’s thinking of art history and redefine the canon of visual culture that informs the present. The role of contemporary collage in art, culture, and society needs its own place in the art world.’
Ric Kasini Kadour, Editor, Kolaj Magazine

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